Stamping With 
A Purpose



Stamping With A Purpose better known as SWAP was conceived by our founder Michelle Greene, who started this as a way to honor our military personnel.  By giving them special thinking of you card while they were away on deployment.  Since then it has grown to give special (thinking of you), birthday, get well soon cards and more, to season saints in nursing homes and children in the hospital.  



SWAP has been giving from the heart for more than 10 years at no charge to the receiver.


SWAP also work with young people ages 8 - 18.  By teaching them how to spread love and joy around the world, at no charge to them or their families.  The group meets monthly to learn new techniques and go quarterly to deliver the cards in person.


We also have workshops for adults at a cost to be able to keep offering our free classes to our SWAP Youth.




Studies show that psychosocial support can significantly improve the coping skills of individuals who are need of a little uplifting support. We provide an uplifting message of hope and encouragement.  Receiving cards and care packages can help individuals feel connected with their community and foster a sense of strength.

SWAP is devoted to enriching the lives of those who need a little extra love.  We work with veterans, hospitals, hospices, senior agencies, nursing homes, and individuals to identify potential recipients.  This organization is designed to work with the youth, collect cards and care packages and send them to individuals.  Our goal is that each delivery brings the recipient a brighter day.  A recipient can be referred by a friend, family member, or agency representative.  Self-referrals are also accepted.